Oregon’s laws are a lot more permissive than Washington laws and that seems to be the way laws are evolving state to state. In both states medical marijuana patients can possess more pot and grow their own marijuana, so this comparison is focused only the laws that deal with recreational weed enthusiasts.

Possession (One Ounce Vs Eight Ounces)
In Washington, people 21 and over can have up to one full ounce of marijuana on them at any given time. One ounce works out to around 50-75 joints depending on how phat you roll them.

Oregon allows people 21 and over to have a full eight ounces of marijuana on them at any one time. That works out to “more joints than you could possibly smoke in a day no matter who rolls them!’

Home Grown

Washington does not allow anyone to grow weed at home. You need a special license to grow any plants.

Oregon gives any adult the ability to grow up to four plants per household. What makes this interesting is they don’t clearly define what a ‘plant’ is so whether it’s a tiny budless seedling in a marigold tray or a massive stalk of premium buds in your backyard it counts as one of your four plants.

Recreational Sales

Washington is proudly served by more than 200 recreational stores that are licensed and have been in business in some cases more than a year already. More than 180 stores are actively reporting sales.

In Oregon recreational weed is now being sold as part of an early sales program, allowing customers to buy marijuana sold by the state’s medical marijuana dispensaries. People can only buy seven grams of pot for recreational use, so to reach the 8 ounce limit for possession, they would need to buy the 7 gram maximum for 28 days in a row without smoking any of it! They also can not buy edibles or concentrates yet because the Oregon Liquor Control Commission hasn’t started its own regulated market yet and Oregon is still working on permit rules for it. That should be fixed in the next few months.


Washington made a massive mistake by overtaxing marijuana right from the start at 37%, and while that may have sounded like a smart idea it left too much room for illegal street sales to continue since legal marijuana is often much more expensive than illegal due to the massive tax rate and the other costs of each transaction. Legislators continue to debate the issue and while it is clear to anyone paying attention that the rate is too high and is creating unhelpful unintended consequences, the law has not changed and is not due to be corrected any time soon.

Recreational pot is tax free in Oregon until Jan. 4 2016!! That is huge because it will likely induce many Oregonians to purchase legal marijuana instead of buying it illegally since the tax free legal marijuana will be available at very competitive price points compared to street dirt and is guaranteed to be far better quality as well. Starting in 2016 a 25% sales tax will be assessed on marijuana products, and eventually the tax rate is expected to settle somewhere in the 15-20% range.

Public Consumption:

It is illegal to smoke or consume marijuana in public under both Washington and Oregon laws.

Employment Law

You may be denied employment or fired by any employer if your employer prohibits marijuana use and there is no legal protection against employers testing you or relieving you of your position… so be sure to work somewhere that is permissive in either Oregon or Washington state.

Interstate Transport

Are you now allowed to transport marijuana via car, bus or airplane between Oregon and Washington state? Absolutely not. That remains a federal offense and is covered by federal jurisdiction. Your are much safe, and it is far smarter to purchase your pot locally, and if you do travel from state to state – support each cannabis economy by visiting the weed stores of the state you are in at the moment.

*This is a journalistic report and should not be considered legal advice of any kind. This report has not been reviewed by any attorneys and you are advised to rely on the advice of a licensed attorney. Please seek an attorney in your jurisdiction to answer any questions or discuss your legal status.

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