If you are an addict of those delicious vitamin packets that have tons of Vitamin C and electrolytes that you dissolve in water, then you will love a new product that has just come out on the market. Dixie Brands, Inc. has just released a product which is a mix of vitamins, terpenes (the molecules which give weed different flavors) and cannabinoids. There are three versions of this drink addition available which are calm, soothe and wellness. All you have to do to get the healing power of the cannabinoids and healthy value of the vitamins is to dissolve a packet of the stuff into a glass of water, wait a couple minutes and then drink away.

One important fact about this product is that like the other non-weed supplements on the market, it is effervescent. That refers to the bubbles it has and the way it dissolves in water. Many health experts believe that this makes it even easier for the vitamins and supplements in such a product to reach your immune system and the parts of your interior that need it the most.

It is apparent that more and more useful weed products are hitting the market as more people get access to the green plant and realize its medicinal benefits. The fact that so many states allow legal and/or recreational use of the plant mean that it is only going to get better for those who seek to heal themselves with marijuana as people have done for hundreds and perhaps thousands of years. With legalization, we are just now as a society remembering that this herb has practically magical benefits that almost anyone can safely enjoy, if they choose to! We’ve come a very long way from having to covertly puff away in dark alleys.

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