Marijuana News And Cannabis Culture

Learn more about the legality, culture and scientific theory that makes marijuana one of the most interesting and misunderstood substances on Earth. Knowledge is power and these stories are intended to help Weed Store Reviews readers become the best educated and most insightful weed ambassadors wherever you spread the word.

The Tech Industry Gets in on Cannabis

Until now, the weed industry has had to live underground, which means that they haven't been able to benefit from the same types of technological advances. However, with states like Colorado, Washington and Alaska on board, California could tip the scales and make weed the next new startup idea. Many startups are located in the state to begin with, and people who live and work in the state are typically a fan of start up culture, so it is a natural fit.

Cannabis in Pre-History

Marijuana was the ideal crop to trade during the times before historic record. This is because it had so many uses at the time. Now we just use it to make ourselves feel good but at the time people used the whole plant to create fibers for rope and clothing. The trade road started by this tribe, known as the Yamana, later grew into The Silk Road, the large trade network that developed later on in history and facilitated the exchange of not only goods but also ideas between cultures.

Football Player & Marijuana Advocate Eugene Monroe Retires

Eugene Monroe is a great player, but most people will probably remember him for being one of the key players who asked the NFL to reconsider their position on allowing players to use medical marijuana. The reason for this is because the NFL doctors often prescribe painkillers that are much more harmful to the body than marijuana. His views were quite controversial to his team, and he thinks that might be one of the reasons he was "released" from his position earlier this year, though no one can know for sure.

Marijuana is a Bipartisan Issue

It's heartwarming to see at least one issue that everyone can agree on in this day and age when politics are so controversial and there are lots of issues that do not encourage people to reach "across the aisle." If there's one thing everyone wants to get along about, it's weed. That's the nature of the substance in the first place, so it's quite fitting that everyone should finally see eye to eye.