Marijuana News And Cannabis Culture

Learn more about the legality, culture and scientific theory that makes marijuana one of the most interesting and misunderstood substances on Earth. Knowledge is power and these stories are intended to help Weed Store Reviews readers become the best educated and most insightful weed ambassadors wherever you spread the word.

Willie Nelson Launches Weed Brand

So far, it seems like Willie's Reserve will only be available in states that allow recreational marijuana which is thus far, just Colorado and Washington state. Recreational marijuana is on the ballot in California for November, so if it passes (and many analysts believe it will) Californians will be able to get Willie's Reserve too. The company is based in Colorado, and if you live near the headquarters in the state, then you can work there because just last month they were hiring for five positions!

Florida’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens

If you're a Florida resident who is going to be eligible for medical marijuana, you should know that the dispensaries are only going to be able to be cash only, so you can't pay with a credit card. In addition, this first dispensary will be in Tallahassee, and Trulieve believes they will start dispensaries soon in other cities in Florida, including Pensacola, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Bradenton. Welcome to MMJ, Florida!

The Strongest Pot Edibles

Starr 1 Purple Star Gummies are a product that have a lot more weed in them than other gummies. With these, weed is actually put into the mixture of the product, whereas other gummies have it sprayed on top to give you a light high feeling. The gummies state they have a whopping 200mg per gummy!

Medical Marijuana Helps Prescription Costs Drop

It shouldn't be a surprise that medicare prescriptions costs are lower in states which offer access to medical marijuana. This has actually long been a fear of pharmaceutical companies - that medical marijuana would make many of their expensive drugs somewhat obsolete. It's clear that in states with MMJ, the common abbreviation for medical marijuana, doctors and prescribing authorities prefer to give out scrips for the natural herb rather than prescription pills which could have nasty side effects that go far beyond the munchies.