Canada has always been the United State’s liberal neighbor to the north, and now that Justin Trudeau and his troop of merry liberals have taken over, it’s about to get real up there. The liberal party that is now in control wants to reduce the amount of young people that have criminal records due to marijuana usage and possession, and create an environment where weed is legalized and regulated, so the Canadians can utilize it safely. This would be important for legalization movements in other countries because it would be the first developed nation to make weed legal. It also sends a message that maybe the war on drugs isn’t the way to go, since apparently, when you tell people they can’t have something, they seem to just want it more!

Canada’s legalization of weed would be breaking a bunch of international treaties that were invented to help prevent drug trafficking across borders, but really just served to provide useful fodder for the prison-industrial complex that has been flourishing in developed nations. If Canada legalizes pot without any repercussions from other countries who are part of these treaties, it could pave the way for other developed nations to legalize more easily. There always has to be a first!

As soon as Justin Trudeau took the Prime Minister’s seat, he did declare that his intention is to make pot legal all across Canada. This is a good thing because in a survey taken that year, about 68% of Canadian citizens agree that legalizing pot would be a positive thing. As legalization is not yet an actuality, people who have been convicted of marijuana related crimes are wondering if they will get a pardon when Mary Jane becomes legal, however, the government is still deciding. Luckily legalization in Canada is more than just a possibility – it’s not an eventuality.

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