Sweet Tooth Weed

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Many weed enthusiasts are interested in smoking flowers or ingesting edibles for the THC content with an eye on getting high. Others see medical marijuana as an important way to treat maladies and overcome symptoms of difficult illnesses with the harsh side-effect profile of other prescribed options. Then there is a third group of weed […]

Stay Hard Weed

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Before some white-collar douchebag stands up from his cubicle at a big pharma corp and starts calling their lawyers, let’s start off by saying Stay Hard Weed does not have a lot laboratory tested and fastidiously annotated medical record of clinical trials to prove that it is an aphrodisiac or that it helps with erectile […]

Muscle Milk Weed


Muscle Milk is a low THC and high CBD strain perfect for helping to sooth sore muscles and ease the discomfort caused by lactic acid build up after your exercise regimen. A favorite at the gym, often used by athletes and weight lifters – it offers a very mild high without the euphoric sensation of […]

Hyperspace Weed

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One of the more perplexing strains of marijuana, Hyperspace is an odd mix of very different almost opposite attributes. An energetic bud that gives many enthusiasts a hyper┬ásense of get up and go, but also an introspective kind of high that some have referred to as spacey. Hence the name Hyperspace becomes┬ávery appropriate. There is […]


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