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Permafrost is a hybrid that is very sativa heavy, which is odd because it tends to cause a focused workmanlike effect more commonly associated with Indicas. This strain earned its name from the frost-like crystal trichomes and pine needle scent its admirers adore. A heritage that includes Trainwreck and White Widow yields a potent […]


Believe it or not, some types of pot actually help you focus. Usually they are sativas or sativa/indica blends that are more heavy on the sativa side. Some people like to call it “productive pot.” It’s the kind of thing to take in when you want to clean your whole house, do your taxes, or do […]

Stay Hard Weed

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Before some white-collar douchebag stands up from his cubicle at a big pharma corp and starts calling their lawyers, let’s start off by saying Stay Hard Weed does not have a lot laboratory tested and fastidiously annotated medical record of clinical trials to prove that it is an aphrodisiac or that it helps with erectile […]

Peaberry Weed

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Peaberry is the prototype for anyone who enjoys ultra-focused solo intellectualism and deep creative thoughts. It’s an excellent strain for solo flights, often leads to talking things through out loud to yourself and is the first choice of many artists, writers and gamers. Less of an enjoyable high due to an increase in anxiety but […]


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