Sweet Tooth Weed

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Many weed enthusiasts are interested in smoking flowers or ingesting edibles for the THC content with an eye on getting high. Others see medical marijuana as an important way to treat maladies and overcome symptoms of difficult illnesses with the harsh side-effect profile of other prescribed options. Then there is a third group of weed […]

Agent Orange Weed

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Bright, cheerful and often with a case of the munchies - the new Agent Orange moniker will hopefully reclaim the name from darker times of history and recycle it into a term everyone can use without the stigma of events that harshed everyone's buzz decades ago.

Girl Scout Cookies

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Girl Scout Cookies is often referred to among weed enthusiasts by the acronym GSC. It's actually a hybrid of two better known cannabis strains called OG Kush and Cookie Monster. It was first sold legally in California, but the blend actually seems to have its roots in the Oregon scene originally.


Some types of pot can be like a reset button for a bad day or just  a foul mood. Optimistic types of pot are just that. If you’ve been feeling kind of grouchy, try smoking, vaping or eating some weed with optimistic qualities. Before long you may start to see things in a new light. […]

Hyperspace Weed

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One of the more perplexing strains of marijuana, Hyperspace is an odd mix of very different almost opposite attributes. An energetic bud that gives many enthusiasts a hyper sense of get up and go, but also an introspective kind of high that some have referred to as spacey. Hence the name Hyperspace becomes very appropriate. There is […]


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