Homegrown Vaporizers

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As Vaping continues to grow in popularity among medical marijuana and recreational weed enthusiasts, new devices are continually being brought to market with varying degrees of success. The Homegrown brand of vaping cartomizers and Homegrown Oils are among the very best quality available anywhere nationwide. The oils are really the key element and their award […]

Girl Scout Cookies

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Girl Scout Cookies is often referred to among weed enthusiasts by the acronym GSC. It's actually a hybrid of two better known cannabis strains called OG Kush and Cookie Monster. It was first sold legally in California, but the blend actually seems to have its roots in the Oregon scene originally.

Relax Wax Weed

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Relax Wax is appropriately named. Like many waxes it has a much higher THC concentration than cannabis flowers. More than that, it has been carefully crafted to maximize the impact of specific properties in the indica lineage. The result is one of the most peaceful and ironically intense sensations. Sometimes called ‘trippy’ or ‘dreamy’ by […]

Deep Sleep Weed

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Many insomniacs have stated publicly that they prefer marijuana as a treatment over any synthetic pharmaceutical alternatives. You should *always* consult with your own physician before utilizing marijuana or any other substance for medical purposes. If you do decide to go with Cannabis as an option, the next logical step is to determine which kind […]

Belly Butter Weed

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Belly Butter is among the best tasting forms for marijuana for baking your own edibles. A sweet buttery flavor and the most intense munchies high make it a perfect choice for anyone seeking to improve their appetite for other foods with a relaxed mind as an added bonus. Often preferred by Medical Marijuana patients for […]


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