Boodigo Is The Fully Encrypted Search Engine For Adults

BoodiGo employs end-to-end encryption, meaning search data cannot be turned over to anyone interested in violating the privacy of BoodiGo users – because BoodiGo never has the data to share in the first place. It is the Search Engine for Adults, without spying eyes seeing what interests you or censors stopping you from finding what you are actually looking for online.

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Boodigo Encrypted Search Engine Loves Weed Store Reviews

Boodigo uses end to end encryption so your search data will never be turned over to anyone, because they don't even have your search data in any stored format that they could hand over if they wanted to... and they don't want to have it. Until recently the engine has focused almost entirely on adult websites where spouses, bosses and the government may want to see what you have been searching for... but they have zero need to know. Now Boodigo, in collaboration with Weed Store Reviews is expanding their search focus to include legal marijuana as well.

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