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Marijuana | Weed Store Reviews

New Vitamin Packets Have THC

Dixie Brands, Inc. has just released a drink mix which is a mix of vitamins, terpenes (the molecules which give weed different flavors) and cannabinoids. There are three versions of this drink addition available which are calm, soothe and wellness. All you have to do to get the healing power of the cannabinoids and healthy value of the vitamins is to dissolve a packet of the stuff into a glass of water, wait a couple minutes and then drink away.

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Costco to Offer Wholesale Marijuana by Summer?

What makes the story particularly believable is the fact that Costco was founded in the Washington town of Kirkland, and that Costco is now the world's largest seller of Wine and Liquor with billions of dollars in revenue each year coming from alcohol related sales according to published reports.

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