Hawaiian Weed Farmer Uses Wild Bulls to Scare Thieves

One Hawaiian weed farmer is resorting to another sort of security system that is not quite as usual. He is allowing a bunch of cows, belonging to cattle rancher friends, to graze on the property, which is about 40 acres. The cows will clear the brush and increase visibility so it will be very hard for anyone to sneak onto the property to steal any amount of marijuana. Since cows are pretty peaceful creatures, he is putting up signs that say "wild bulls" because that sounds a lot scarier than a mama cow grazing on some grass.

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Florida’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens

If you're a Florida resident who is going to be eligible for medical marijuana, you should know that the dispensaries are only going to be able to be cash only, so you can't pay with a credit card. In addition, this first dispensary will be in Tallahassee, and Trulieve believes they will start dispensaries soon in other cities in Florida, including Pensacola, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Bradenton. Welcome to MMJ, Florida!

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Medical Marijuana Helps Prescription Costs Drop

It shouldn't be a surprise that medicare prescriptions costs are lower in states which offer access to medical marijuana. This has actually long been a fear of pharmaceutical companies - that medical marijuana would make many of their expensive drugs somewhat obsolete. It's clear that in states with MMJ, the common abbreviation for medical marijuana, doctors and prescribing authorities prefer to give out scrips for the natural herb rather than prescription pills which could have nasty side effects that go far beyond the munchies.

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New Vitamin Packets Have THC

Dixie Brands, Inc. has just released a drink mix which is a mix of vitamins, terpenes (the molecules which give weed different flavors) and cannabinoids. There are three versions of this drink addition available which are calm, soothe and wellness. All you have to do to get the healing power of the cannabinoids and healthy value of the vitamins is to dissolve a packet of the stuff into a glass of water, wait a couple minutes and then drink away.

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Conservative Utah Considers Medicinal Use

According to the ACLU, it's not just a perception that weed is an issue that everyone - even conservatives - care about, it's true! Some political analysts believe that this is because the conservative parties have gotten an injection of pure libertarianism in the past few years, and one tenet of being libertarian is that they believe the government should keep their noses out of most things. Thus, with a more libertarian look at things, more conservatives believe that weed laws should be up to the states and may even believe that it should be up to individual people when, how and why they want to use marijuana.

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Welcome to Medicinal Marijuana, Australia

Some of Australia's 8 states had already legalized weed for medicinal purposes prior to a bill allowing medicinal marijuana being passed, but the Australian legislators believe that it will be better for the whole country to have a more cohesive plan that will hopefully make it easier for those who need marijuana to get it. It's just one step closer to a world where anyone who wants to get their hands on some weed to feel good, or to help their health, can do it.

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