What Medical Marijuana Can Treat

Pain is the number one thing that medical marijuana is prescribed for, simply because there are so many things that can cause pain. A laborious and physical job can cause joint degeneration and muscle soreness that leads to chronic pain. Other illnesses and diseases come with a big whopping dose of ouch as well. Different strains of marijuana are better for pain than others, so make sure to ask at the dispensary which one will work for you.

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California Readies for Recreational

Right now, the city of San Francisco only offers one type of marijuana license, so now that the state has added 17 different types, they will have to figure out if they also want to allow all those different types of businesses within their borders. Right now, they only allow dispensaries. If they decide to allow cultivation, they will have to set the regulations of where it can be grown and how much can be grown at one time.

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Florida’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens

If you're a Florida resident who is going to be eligible for medical marijuana, you should know that the dispensaries are only going to be able to be cash only, so you can't pay with a credit card. In addition, this first dispensary will be in Tallahassee, and Trulieve believes they will start dispensaries soon in other cities in Florida, including Pensacola, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Bradenton. Welcome to MMJ, Florida!

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Medical Marijuana Helps Prescription Costs Drop

It shouldn't be a surprise that medicare prescriptions costs are lower in states which offer access to medical marijuana. This has actually long been a fear of pharmaceutical companies - that medical marijuana would make many of their expensive drugs somewhat obsolete. It's clear that in states with MMJ, the common abbreviation for medical marijuana, doctors and prescribing authorities prefer to give out scrips for the natural herb rather than prescription pills which could have nasty side effects that go far beyond the munchies.

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