California Readies for Recreational

Right now, the city of San Francisco only offers one type of marijuana license, so now that the state has added 17 different types, they will have to figure out if they also want to allow all those different types of businesses within their borders. Right now, they only allow dispensaries. If they decide to allow cultivation, they will have to set the regulations of where it can be grown and how much can be grown at one time.

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The Tech Industry Gets in on Cannabis

Until now, the weed industry has had to live underground, which means that they haven't been able to benefit from the same types of technological advances. However, with states like Colorado, Washington and Alaska on board, California could tip the scales and make weed the next new startup idea. Many startups are located in the state to begin with, and people who live and work in the state are typically a fan of start up culture, so it is a natural fit.

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Willie Nelson Launches Weed Brand

So far, it seems like Willie's Reserve will only be available in states that allow recreational marijuana which is thus far, just Colorado and Washington state. Recreational marijuana is on the ballot in California for November, so if it passes (and many analysts believe it will) Californians will be able to get Willie's Reserve too. The company is based in Colorado, and if you live near the headquarters in the state, then you can work there because just last month they were hiring for five positions!

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