California Readies for Recreational

Right now, the city of San Francisco only offers one type of marijuana license, so now that the state has added 17 different types, they will have to figure out if they also want to allow all those different types of businesses within their borders. Right now, they only allow dispensaries. If they decide to allow cultivation, they will have to set the regulations of where it can be grown and how much can be grown at one time.

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Hawaiian Weed Farmer Uses Wild Bulls to Scare Thieves

One Hawaiian weed farmer is resorting to another sort of security system that is not quite as usual. He is allowing a bunch of cows, belonging to cattle rancher friends, to graze on the property, which is about 40 acres. The cows will clear the brush and increase visibility so it will be very hard for anyone to sneak onto the property to steal any amount of marijuana. Since cows are pretty peaceful creatures, he is putting up signs that say "wild bulls" because that sounds a lot scarier than a mama cow grazing on some grass.

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Marijuana is a Bipartisan Issue

It's heartwarming to see at least one issue that everyone can agree on in this day and age when politics are so controversial and there are lots of issues that do not encourage people to reach "across the aisle." If there's one thing everyone wants to get along about, it's weed. That's the nature of the substance in the first place, so it's quite fitting that everyone should finally see eye to eye.

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