XBIZIt’s no secret that people enjoy adult entertainment of all kinds. When people in the adult industry look for marketing news, information and contacts, many go straight to the source by visiting XBIZ.com. Now, XBIZ is taking notice of the legal weed industry and helping Weed Store Reviews to shine a bright light on the rapid evolution of this growing grassroots movement toward national legalization.

XBIZ is a brand built on more than a decade of experience in the trenches, reporting on the need for open and unfiltered access to legal content of all kinds online for a mature adult audience. If you have an interest in the way the nanny-state is continuing to roll back your privacy rights, are looking for a news source that publishes real, genuine, legal and B2B information you can put into action – or if you just want to see whats up in the porn business lately, there are worse ways to spend an afternoon than reading XBIZ with your favorite vaporizer in hand. It’s news that is important… and entertaining.

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