Posted on : March 19, 2015
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Xeni Jardin is one of the ‘happy mutants‘ of the amazing website Boing Boing and she has become an Internet luminary and highly respected forward-thinking journalist with a wealth of knowledge on a massive array of topics ranging from the underground music scene to so many other areas of interest that they would frankly be impossible to list. She has always had a curious mind, which truly is the single most important tool any journalist or futurist may possess.

Sadly, Ms. Jardin was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago and faced a long uphill battle toward recovery. Along the way Ms. Jardin discovered the power of medical marijuana and found that in her particular case, cannabis was a very effective way to deal with her symptoms and the side-effects of her other treatment prescriptions.

Now, she is shining a bright light on the benefits of medical marijuana as a legitimate and legal form of care. In her own way she has become a leading example of the intellectual approach people should take toward deciding whether cannabis is right for you or not, and in this video she does a terrific job helping to educate viewers about the many delivery devices and scientific theories that need to be explored as part of your own due diligence regarding medical marijuana.

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