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Michael Backes is a highly respected author and a leading authority on the medicinal value of cannabis for many different ailments. Millions of American citizens are now legal medical marijuana patients nationally, and sweeping legislation seems to bubble up daily from different states, Now the CARERS ACT is being brought forward in the Senate as a new landmark piece of federal legislation.

Terminal cancer, chronic headaches, Parkinson’s disease, and so many other ailments or side-effects and symptoms from them can be effectively treated with medical marijuana use, and the recent book: Michael Backes’s Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana one of the best tombs penned to date by anyone in the field.

Backes is the Head of Research and Development for the respected Abatin Wellness Center medical marijuana clinic and was also the founder of the Cornerstone Collective, which holds the honor of being the first research-based medical cannabis collective in the state of California.

This keynote seminar was recorded on 9/28/14 at the Seattle Town Hall & Third Place Books event.

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