Posted on : May 3, 2015
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Josh Stanley gave a very enlightening TED Talk separating the propaganda, fear and greed from the fantastic medical uses of marijuana. Mr. Stanley has also been featured on CNN, for developing a non-psychotropic strain of marijuana named “Hippie’s Disappointment” which has since been renamed “Charlotte’s Web Marijuana” in honor of the first girl treated successfully with it. This strain of medical marijuana has been shown to drastically reduce seizures for many pediatric epilepsy patients in Colorado.

Now backed by a charitable organization The Realm of Caring, this medication proves Cannabidiol (CBD) true medicinal benefits are an important part of the marijuana legalization movement and this is just one example of the life saving value weed can provide for society when we get past the unhelpful bias of the ‘drug war’ and look at the facts with our eyes wide open.

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