Weed Apps: Get Digitally High!

How often have you found yourself with a vaporizer in one hand and your phone or tablet in the other, browsing online while puffing away some enjoyable time? Weed Apps are becoming very popular among videogame players, growers, dating singles and just about everyone else because they put the full power of cannabis culture right in the palm of your hand. These are the best of the apps we have found and we update often with new weed app reviews so be sure to bookmark this page in your mobile browser!

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Breaking Farm
Breaking Farm is not an essential app for weed lovers, but it is a fun distraction and will keep your mind on weed even as you seek to waste time while stoned. It is seriously fun because you can make your farm as big and larger than life as you want - even to the point of having your own airport! Disclaimer: Don't try to emulate the awesomeness of Breaking Farm in real life...first of all you would need your own private island...second of all, it would be a lot of work. It's better to just pretend.
Cheech And Chong The Fatty
Cheech and Chong started out as a lovable comedic duo who were notorious for being stoned all the time. Then they became serious weed legalization activists, but they've still retained their silly antics as is shown through this fun weed app.
Every Strain
The app lists pretty much every strain out there, and gives you detailed information including percentages of Indica and Sativa, the country of origin for each strain, what types of symptoms it is good for treating and also some information about growing it, such as how long it takes to flower.
High There
This is just like other dating apps, except it's the weed that ties everything together. Meet a stoner honey or a high guy when you're stoned and feeling lonely. Just set up your profile and go, it's that easy. Press "High There" or "Bye There" to say whether or not you're into someone, and take it from there. Message potential dates in the app for easy and quick communication.
i Grow Bud App
The iGrowBud App is the newest invention from the high-minded team at GrowBCbud.com lead my Mr. Green and a tech-savvy set of cannabis growers.The app itself offers some simple, intuitive and important tools for anyone interested in growing their own marijuana legally. Best of all, you can get free support and information by contacting Mr. Green via the @GrowBCBud Twitter account.
Lay of the Land: Loud is your one stop shop for all things Cannabis. We are an storefron connecting cultivators, manufacturers, and consumers in a fast, safe, and professional environment. We are committed to providing you with the best flowers and derivative products available. Loud is brought to you by The Green Exchange, a California […]
Marijuana Doctors
Marijuana Doctors is a great app for anyone who lives in a state where marijuana is legal for medical use. You can request appointments with doctors who are into prescribing weed for their patients and helping their patients jump through whatever hoops are necessary to get a prescription or recommendation for marijuana as treatment for their disorders.
Mass Roots App
It is a social network that has a feed of all the people you follow. The best part is - it can be anonymous if you so choose, so you don't have to let everyone in your private or professional life know about your weed usage. Plus follow weed related companies like glass blowers to see what they're up to.
Nest Drop
NestDrop started out as a booze delivery app but now they are doing what they really want to do, which is weed delivery. Get all of the marijuana products you desire dropped right at your house for an evening full of munchies and laughs!
Pot Snob
Potsnob is one of the better weed information apps out there. The best part is the large, HD pictures that really let you know if you're being sold the stuff you've been expecting. You can also read about the different strains to figure out what type you want to buy, which is an awesome feature. Potsnob is great for any weed aficionado, new or experienced.
Time For Dave
We are especially supportive of apps like these because they reduce the risk of anyone attempting to drive to or from their favorite weed store while high. If you are high, or plan to get high... do us all a favor and let dave drive sober for you instead!
Weed Log App
Weed Log is a great weed app that will help growers not only keep track of their delicate plants, but will also help you select types of seeds and strains to grow. Take pictures and notes so when you are out and about you won't forget what you have to do to take care of your plants, and you can learn from other's successes.
Weed Store Reviews App
Is it the best app available right now, the best app ever created, or the best app that ever will be created? That's hard to say, but adding the Weed Store Reviews app to your collection is the best way to show the voices in your head that you really do care about them. Just think how happy you'll make all of us by downloading the app right now for free. Don't you want to make other people happy when it costs you absolutely nothing and brightens the universe a little bit for everyone else? Of course you do!
Ween Weed App
Ween is an app that fulfills a gap in the weed apps marketplace. There aren't really too many other apps like it, and it functions well. Since you can compare your statistics you can get a good idea of how your weed usage has gone up or down, and that can help you in however you hope to use weed in the future.