Weed RecipesĀ : Taste Great – Head Filling!

Weed enthusiasts have been making homemade edibles for centuries, mixing marijuana with food and drinks to create great tasting and highly potent meals. It is very important that you always use caution when cooking with cannabis. Try tiny sample portions to gauge their effect, clearly label anything that has dose in it and treat these products with the care and level of responsibility expected for the handling of all other medications.

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Marijuana Cooking Oil
Cannabis Canola Oil is one of the primary building blocks of your cannabis edibles home baking activities. A staple ingredient of many recipes, when you want to make marijuana edibles you can use it as a substitute for standard oils to add a dose to your creations. Always use responsibly!
Carrot Cupcake
Moist and tasty with plenty of healthy ingredients, Cannabis Carrot Cake is something any baker can be proud of producing and it also comes with the peace of mind that all of your ingredients are organically delicious!