WeedStore ReviewsNow that Marijuana is finally becoming legal in a majority of states for Medical use, and a new minority of states have taken the smart step of decriminalizing or legally allowing recreational use of Cannabis – many weedsters are having a hard time finding true, accurate and unbiased information that they can use to find great stores worthy of their shopping dollars. Also, as many casual Marijuana Smokers become more interested in a deeper understanding of the science and culture specific to the Cannabis Community, it is becoming important to have a worthwhile provider of useful information publishing articles, reviews, newsletters, directories and more online. That’s why WeedStore.reviews is coming to the rescue!

We are excited to be living in a time when personal freedom is finally started into triumph over small-minded cultural tyrany and we are helping to ignite a grass roots movement that will expand on the pro-legalization of marijuana movement’s already palpable momentum. We look forward to your participation here on the site and welcome your continued contribution of customer reviews and news items. If you are interested in a greater involvement as a community liaison or have suggestions on the ways we might improve this site for your use in the future please be sure to contact us at your earliest convenience.

There is also a rapidly growing community of commercial enterprises in the Marijuana sector including: Weed Stores, Marijuana Edibles Manufacturers, Doctors handling Marijuana Prescriptions, Lawyers Defending Cannabis users from prosecution and so on. We plan to be a vibrant portal for all of these vital services and look forward to working with each of you in the hope of supporting your efforts and creating greater synergy among everyone involved. If you see ways we might work together or opportunities to create strategic partnerships please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

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