Australia is the latest country to introduce a medicinal marijuana program. The country passed a law that would allow for the growing and selling of marijuana for medical purposes, so that patients ailing from a variety of illnesses could benefit from the healing powers of this green plant. Not only does it allow for medical marijuana, but the new bill also takes marijuana out of the part of their legislature which classifies this harmless substance as a serious narcotic, so it will no longer be criminalized. In Australia, this effort has bipartisan support, which just shows how much people really need cannabis as a way to help with certain illnesses. The bill also allows for weed to be used in important clinical trials which could affect how weed is used for medicinal purposes in the future.

Some of Australia’s 8 states had already legalized weed for medicinal purposes prior to this bill being passed, but the Australian legislators believe that it will be better for the whole country to have a more cohesive plan that will hopefully make it easier for those who need marijuana to get it. It’s just one step closer to a world where anyone who wants to get their hands on some weed to feel good, or to help their health, can do it.

It’s clear that the most progressive nations are all going towards marijuana legalization, because it is something that can help a variety of ailments, and some of them you probably don’t even know about. It’s not just big, difficult health issues like epilepsy and cancer that Mary Jane can help with, it’s also helpful for more hidden problems like migraines, anxiety and depression. Now, those who need it in Australia will be able to get it, which is great.

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