Marijuana has some amazing medicinal purposes and there are many conditions it can treat. For some it has been described as a wonder drug that has helped with sleep problems or gotten people through rough cancer treatments.

According to various studies, medical marijuana has been shown to help with:

1. Muscle Spasms – Those with diseases like multiple sclerosis and other muscular disorders may benefit from MMJ because it can help them with the tough muscle spasms they have.

2. Pain – this is the number one thing that medical marijuana is prescribed for, simply because there are so many things that can cause pain. A laborious and physical job can cause joint degeneration and muscle soreness that leads to chronic pain. Other illnesses and diseases come with a big whopping dose of ouch as well. Different strains of marijuana are better for pain than others, so make sure to ask at the dispensary which one will work for you.

3. Low Appetite – Whether you’re low appetite is because you have too much physical pain or nausea, or because you’re body just doesn’t know when it’s hungry, using marijuana can incite the appetite to return, which is usually referred to as the munchies!

4. Seizures – CBD, one of the chemical components to weed, has been shown to help prevent seizures in those with severe epilepsy, to the point that many states that are staunchly against marijuana allow CBD oil to be prescribed to those who have the condition.

5. PTSD – Studies have shown that people with PTSD have less nightmares and intense experiences while smoking pot. Many believe this is because it prevents people from going into REM sleep quite as much, so they dream less while on pot.

There are many things that marijuana can treat, so you should ask your doctor if you think you have one of the conditions that you could be using marijuana for!

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