Whoopi Goldberg recently announced a partnership with Maya Elisabeth, a known edibles entrepreneur, to start her own edibles company. The products will be designed to help ladies with their menstrual cramps and other female centered problems. The company is known as Whoopi and Maya, and it will have not only edibles but also topical ointments, tinctures and even a luxurious bath soak! Whoopi told one interviewer online that the products are for those who don’t like to smoke weed, or for those who actually need to go about their day and not be completely stoned in order to help their menstrual cramps. People who have to go to work can’t just smoke a bowl, they need ointments and baths that will not get them too high so they can do the job at hand.

Whoopi herself has used the medicinal herb to help her own horrific menstrual cramps, but she started the company because she has apparently passed down the genes for bad cramps to her adult daughter and adult granddaughter. She saw how they were suffering and really wanted to help them out. When Whoopi approached males in the weed industry, she says that always told her the product was too much of a “niche” market. However, when she approached Maya, it seemed to be a match made in heaven. Maya thinks that with a product that could appeal to 50% of the population, there is a natural opportunity for success. Everyone either is a woman or knows a woman, so, lots of people need this product!

Another thing that Whoopi is proud of, is that her products are made with ingredients that are pronounceable and easily identifiable. At this point, the line will be available at medical marijuana dispensaries in California, and perhaps they will be available in other states in the future.

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