It’s no secret that Willie Nelson loves weed as the elderly but still vibrant country and folk musician has been filmed numerous times smoking a good one. Unlike other musicians who create and license their own strains of weed, Willie is going the distance to create his own weed brand which will have a whole bunch of different strains for consumers to enjoy. His brand, Willie’s Reserve has been in the news for a while, but it’s just now that it is getting ready to launch. Willie said in a press release about the brand that he wants to give back to the weed community and become more than just someone who enjoys smoking.

So far, it seems like Willie’s Reserve will only be available in states that allow recreational marijuana which is thus far, just Colorado and Washington state. Recreational marijuana is on the ballot in California for November, so if it passes (and many analysts believe it will) Californians will be able to get Willie’s Reserve too. The company is based in Colorado, and if you live near the headquarters in the state, then you can work there because just last month they were hiring for five positions!

The company and weed strains were created by Willie and his family, and it is just a reflection of Mr. Nelson’s passion for weed. In the beginning plans of the company, Willie wanted to open up his own stores that would sell just his weed brand because he wanted to be anti establishment, but now he realizes that he can break into the business by just getting his product into stores where weed is available for purchase. Willie loves weed and wants you to know that it’s not a drug, “it’s an herb and a flower” according to the musician!

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